Every time on returning to the place where I have spent the longest period of time in my life, my late childhood and youth, a silent hope to belong there again, evokes me.

This place, in the middle of the forest is my secret dream, my illusion of peace. When life gets hard I dream of being there, thinking everything would be easier there. But every time I return there, I feel disappointed. I cannot fit myself into that space the way I used to. And when I discover that fact, I sense the melancholy in myself, and at the same time I still try so hard to be a part of that place.

I have become an outsider in a space I used to be an insider.

Home Bittersweet Home makes exploration into those feelings; feelings I know are worldwide. The work represents the isolation we feel in a place that used to make us so comfortable, but also on the contrary the withstanding connection we will always have to this place because it is our “Home”.

The series raises the memories of leaving home, becoming an adult, and it also deals with the moments of desperation to travel back to the past even when it is impossible. It is a layered series that talks about the contradictions between connection and disconnection, isolation and freedom.

As an aim to attain as many peoples attention, raise their memories and evoke their feelings, I chose to use strongly constructed work loaded with metaphors. The series starting point was my feelings towards my former home, but I build each image to reflect general emotions and memories about birth homes, the places we grew up, the times we cannot return to.