About me

For me, photography is a medium to transform and to share stories with and among others; it's a way to help us understand the world around us. 
My personal work deals with memories, displacement, and the sorting out of past and present issues. 

I am interested in the language of the body and am deeply moved by the notion that people's eyes can tell so much about the world around us. 

My aim is to capture something from this life and the moments and atmosphere that is in front of us right now—to help reveal the things that we are often just too blind and busy to see and observe. 
With my images I want to challenge the viewer and to make them think. I like to give the audience an opportunity to make their own interpretations of my images and to create their own stories. 



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Emotions to images (only in Finnish)

About to dance

Taiteesta ja välittämisestä (only in Finnish)

Kontulan taidekuuri

Do Tank Helsinki 2012


Selected Exhibitions:

Solo exhibitions
06/2014 Kaunis Kontula, Gallery KontuPiste, Helsinki, FI
04/2014 Motherhood Letters, Arabian asukastalon Gallery, Helsinki, FI
10/2013 Stories from our Planet, Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin GER
09/2013 Flowers from this world, Bar9, Helsinki, FI
04/2012 About to dance - Connecting installation, Artcentre Ahjo, Joensuu, FI
01/2012 About to dance - Connecting installation, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI
01/2012 Folktales from Kerala, Gallery Harha, Joensuu, FI
10/2011 Where the forest whispers, Artists’s Studio, Helsinki, FI
04/2011 Where the forest whispers, Ukko gallery, Koli, FI
01/2011 About to dance - connecting, demo, Artcentre Ahjo, Joensuu, FI
01/2011 Where the forest whispers, Artcentre Ahjo, Joensuu, FI
09/2010 Koli kertoo- kasvitieteellisä kasvikuvia, Ukko galleria, Koli, FI
05/2010 Home, Bittersweet Home, Gallery Volga, Helsinki, FI
05/2010 Where the forest whispers, Gallery Pihatto, Lappeenranta, FI
11/2009 Where the forest whispers, Artcentre Ahjo, Joensuu, FI
10/2008 Lost time, Gallery Kohina, Joensuu, FI
09/2008 Home, Bittersweet Home, Gallery Torni, Koli, FI
08/2007 What remains, Gallery Torni, Koli, FI
07/2006 Longing, Laterna Magica, Helsinki, FI

Group exhibitions
05/2012 Art Festival, Kochin, Kerala, IN
03/2012 Gute Naht, Tapir, Berlin, GER
02/2012 Taivaan tulilla näyttely, Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, FI
06/2010 Art of Basware, Painotalo, Helsinki, FI
08/2008 Muhennos, Gallery G18, Helsinki, FI
06/2008 Stew, The Rag Factory, London, UK
08/2007 Näkymä, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI